Anne Haimes Interior Design


Anne understands that approaching the decoration or re-decoration of your home can be daunting, she believes that design should be accessible to everyone and be a fun and rewarding experience. Anne and her team work tirelessly to ensure both your aspirations and your budget are met. From her base in Henley-on-Thames, she serves clients across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as locations further afield across the country.

The retail shop on Bell Street in Henley displays an ever-changing mix of carefully selected furniture, lighting, mirrors, bedding, scents and accessories, together with exquisite displays of beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, throws, cushions and many one-off pieces. In addition, Anne Haimes Interiors offer a personal shopping and sourcing service together with wedding and wish lists.


Anne is one of the best interior designers we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Her attention to detail is fantastic and, as lighting designers, the information we receive from her prior to us producing lighting plans is particularly useful

Darklight Design Ltd

From design right through to fitting, the service was friendly and professional. There was a large choice of fabrics and designs and the fitting was first class. The result was just what we were looking for. I would recommend Anne Haimes to anyone.

Andrew Renshaw

Bespoke interior design service with a personal touch. Advice and planning through to final finishing details. From full house to just one room . I have used this company for many years and for several houses and would highly recommend. I have also picked up some lovely bits and pieces from the shop, like lamps, candles and gifts.

Lucy Weston-Webb

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